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Dream on Aphrodite, this one's all mine

There's something about bathing in beauty. My motto has always been "life's too short to use ugly soap". This one makes my heart skip a beat, every time. Not just a pretty little thing, and smells OH.SO.DIVINE!

  • infused with nutrient-rich wild seaweed - prevents free radical damage, regenerates and protects skin, promotes collagen production targeting fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin youthful
  • crafted with super-moisturizing, skin-loving organic & natural oils including olive, coconut & sunflower for whole-body, restorative cleansing
  • fresh ocean water - packed with vital minerals & nutrients, known to close pores, balance oil production, rejuvenate the skin & naturally hydrate and strengthen the outer layer of the skin to keep you looking youthful & beautiful
  • natural clays detox, gently draw impurities and re-balance the skin
  • botanical lavender, bergamot(FCF) & litsea cubeba essential oils refine and transform the skin, minimize inflammation, refreshing, soothing and powerfully uplifting
  • the perfect gentle cleansing, long-lasting, soap for all skin types
  • 100% organic and natural plant-based ingredients - toxin-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, vegan
  • weight 127 g/4.5 oz - beautifully packaged in a non-coated, recyclable box
  • handcrafted on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - keeping it real, keeping it local